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After Blue left to head downtown, GH told me Blue looked like a husky puppy. It was my birthday, what better excuse could I have? Like Juno put it, he was a piece of furniture in my weird life and no matter how much I wanted it, he just didn’t quite fit. It was magical to grow up so blessed (yes, I was tempted to ironiy hashtag the word “blessed”—but I mean it this time). Suddenly, there was no more money, no more trips or Oscar de la Renta. When you lose your money the fake friends (and family, go fure) will run like rats Yep, here’s looking to you family on my mother’s side! My father employed my mother’s sisters at his bank, despite the fact that they had zero background in finance; they housed 31 struggling families in our guesthouse over 20 years at our old Adler. They would even do things without being asked because they just loved to help people. It turns out that being generous and kind won’t always come back to you in your time of need. And, sure, I’ve still made mistakes and had to let people go but I feel like I’ve built much stronger relationships. This experience had the potential to not only destroy a lifestyle but also our spirit. It’s a cutthroat world and you have to love yourself more than anyone (family not included). I’m the one who’s going to be responsible for my own success. I love writing this blog, I love interning, I love creating.

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His hair is almost completely grey and he has stormy blue eyes I can’t get enough of. My roommate and best friend since childhood, ON, had words with one of my friends but other than that, a drama-free evening flowing with too much red wine and champagne. There was no one to pay for college or pay the credit card bills. “The Fake Friends” is what we them in my family now. The universe will have them for lunch (or I will one day—watch your backs). This is actually a lesson I took from Lindsay Tar. I went from unpaid intern to gradually earning my place as a paid intern and now I’ve officially been selected to be a Fashion Aide to an Executive at a major fashion magazine.

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I didn’t worry about having too much fun with my friends or getting too crazy on the weekends. He seemed to really enjoy my openness, my free-spirited nature, my sharp sense of humor and my active social life. I tend to live by the whole “No New Friends” mantra, content with my friendships, not really looking for anything serious in the romance department. — As it happens not everything could keep swimming along so easily.

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Reality had to come knocking and it decided to do that knocking this weekend, when I turned 24 years old. Working hard makes payoff twice as sweet Once I found my first internship, started writing, began freelancing and nannying in New York I felt so much more free.

Elite daily dating find yourself a weirdo:

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